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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ten things we can learn from a Hobbit

For the next couple months, I'm going to have some fun here with learning things from hobbits. And elves. And other assorted creatures we love and wish we could know in real life. Except, perhaps, the dragon.

What can we learn from a hobbit? Way more than ten things, but here's a start:

10—Every enemy has a weak spot. No matter how big and fierce our nightmares are, they are vulnerable somewhere. Find the spot, employ the right weapon, and watch them fall.

9—Don't leave the path. If you've been given a path to walk on, stay on it. No matter how tired you are or how endless it seems. Regardless of how good another path looks. Just keep going forward.

8—Something that appears insignificant to you may prove very important in the future to someone else. Pay attention to the insignificant things right under your feet.

7—Never laugh at a live dragon. It pay to remember that no matter how smart or fast you are, showing it off can give you a warm backside.

6—Never leave home without your pocket handkerchief. I don't know why, but Bilbo seemed to think it important.

5—No matter how small or worthless others may think you, take up your job and do it with courage. They may be surprised.

4—When you don't have an obvious or easy way to accomplish something, think creatively. Rafting in barrel may not be one's first choice of transportation, but it got the job done.

3—Sometimes the biggest thing we fear is not the dragon but our own reaction to it.

2—Home never looks the same after a real adventure, but it always looks good.

1—Stay away from large spiders. Really, why should anyone have to tell you this? It should be obvious.

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