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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Five Things We Can Learn from Legolas

Child #3 and her best friend when she was five.
There is so much to learn from so many Lord of the Rings characters, but here is the first elf on my list. He was probably my middle child's first celebrity crush, too. What can you learn from an elf today? (Not the Christmas sort--they come in another story entirely. And Tolkien would have been more than a little appalled to have them equated :) 

  • The ability to walk on snow is super cool. Need I say more here?

  • Stay in shape. You may end up having to climb incredibly large mammals, and it's best to be prepared.

  • You're late. You look terrible,” may be OK to say to your best friend. But it is never, under any circumstances, OK to say to your girlfriend. Or any girl. Ever.

  • Friendly competition” takes effort to keep friendly. Things can get ugly so, so fast, can't they? Keep it light, keep it fun, and if the other person starts to get tense and turn into either a sore loser or a poor winner, remind each other of what's important. Your friendship. And a big party at the end.

  • People very different than you can make the most unexpected best friends. Don't put someone in a box and label it without taking the time to find out who they are behind the funny hair and habits. Well, don't put someone in a box any time. It's not nice and probably illegal.

What about you? Do you have a friend you never expected to have? Tell us about him or her.

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